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Horoscope November 2009

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Aries (21 March - 19 April)
The summer heat could go straight to your head in November. With fiery Mars in your sign tempers and temperatures are set to soar into the stratosphere. A difficult aspect from Mars to the area of your chart ruling home and family could see you clashing with your nearest and dearest. A better way to channel this energy is into love and sex especially in the middle of the month when your ruler forms a devastating link with romantic Venus and passionate Pluto. By the end of November your energy levels will settle to a more constant and manageable pace, perfect for getting on top of any practical issues.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Taurus (20 April - 20th May)
You start the month focused and wanting to be taken seriously. Others will be convinced by your methodical approach making this an ideal time to deal with officials like bank managers, accountants and bosses. Things will soon lighten up for you, an encounter with someone who 'lights your candle' perhaps. Expect life to get really hot when your ruler Venus teams up with fiery Mars and Pluto promising fireworks mid November. You can be sure this situation will remain steamy and by the end of the month when Venus links with unpredictable Uranus you could find yourself acting in a way that surprises everyone as well as you.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Gemini (21 May -21 June)
Keeping a watchful eye on the cash flow can be dreary, especially when your friends our out making the most of summer. It can feel as if you're missing out on all the fun. But don't despair because when you're off on a bigger better holiday than everyone else you'll be glad you saved your dough. You can expect to feel the heat this summer in more ways than one. Your ruler Mercury is involved in a dramatic link between some very sexy planets - Mars, Venus and Pluto. So you will soon find your love life reaching boiling point by mid November. Your intellect is sharp now so use the benefits of this by using bits of information you have to your advantage.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Cancer (22 June - 22 November)
You're full of life this month, but what exactly are you achieving from all this activity? There's a chance you'll be getting little in return for all your gallant efforts. This can be frustrating but a bright idea at the end of the month will help you find a solution to this. You're likely to feel all hot and bothered this November, but try not to let the sun go your head. Just remember that keeping call means keeping calm. The best advice for you is avoid mid day burn out and instead make the most of warm balmy nights which is much more your style. Evenings are your time so get plenty of siestas in order to make the most of those midnight fiestas.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Leo (23 November - 22 November)
November sees you at your most charming. Smooth talk comes easily and you're quite happy to use it on any unsuspecting individual you take a shine to. You adore attention and there's no shortage this month, but you're generous with praise too and people will love to bask in the warm glow you're emitting. It'll leave you walking on cloud nine and everyone is going to know about it! You're in for some summer sizzle this November with an equally fiery partner and there could be a connection with foreign places too. Perhaps a holiday romance or a romantic interlude with someone from abroad is on the cards. Either way you're in for a good time.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Virgo (23 November - 22 November)
Strong undercurrents from other people are making you feel a little on edge. It seems everyone's behaving oddly as though the sun's gone to their heads. Even you're acting a bit out of character. However you should be able to smooth over any brewing trouble with soothing words that just roll off the tongue. Those dulcet tones could prove very useful in November when someone special is seduced by your pleasing manner. But charm disguises a burning inside which is demanding release. You can easily deliver on the passionate promises you utter. There's no escaping when you switch on the charm offensive.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Libra (23 November - 22 November)
You're determined to set the world on fire in November. You're feeling hot and ready to take the plunge with someone special. The passion and ferocity of Mars and Pluto join up with your ruler Venus this month giving you the power to set pulses racing. No one will be able to resist your confidence. This is an important month in an important year for you. With expansive Jupiter in your sign (it only happens once every twelve years) it's time for you to make the most of each opportunity that comes your way. Expect to be seeing more of the world and letting the world see more of you.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Scorpio (23 November - 21 November)
A powerful and meaningful connection with someone is on the cards, whether you know them or not already. Your ruler Pluto in harmony with Mars and Venus means love and passion in equal measures. You're a force to be reckoned with and when you set your sights on your ideal partner there will be no stopping you getting them, whether they like it or not! I doubt anyone would argue with you even if they could, it's a huge ego boost to be so utterly adored. You may also be tempted to take a big financial risk this month, but practice caution if you can because there's no guarantee of a settled outcome.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)
You're feeling wonderfully energized as the month starts, leaving others in your wake as you bounce from one task to another. Watch out for ego clashes with other strong personalities who want the limelight too. Mid November sees you embroiled in heated exchanges with individuals for whom you can barely disguise your passion. Pluto in your sign harmoniously connected with Mars and Venus sends your pulse racing and your mind conjuring up all sorts of thrilling escapades for yourself and your amour. You are a born traveller and philanthropist and now is a great time to in indulge both of these.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Capricorn (22 December - 16 January)
The month begins with a feeling of harmony and balance and you are feeling a bit more confident about your financial circumstances. You feel at ease expressing your deeper feelings to loved ones too. However as the month moves forward the possibility of some tension between your work and domestic life increases, but any challenges you face could be a positive way of clearing the air and therefore making progress in both these areas. If the tension in the air does boil over you can be consoled by the fact that it's all a storm in a tea cup and will settle soon.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Aquarius (20 Janurary - 18 February)

Arguments with siblings, close friends and partners are possible this month and any trouble that does occur could simple be little more than hot air and bravado from all parties concerned. Day to day activities and getting about your normal routine, things you normally take for granted, could be fraught with complications and upsets in November. Try not to be everywhere at once or race about trying to achieve too many things; no one is expecting miracles so stop trying to perform them. Relationships have taken a serious turn recently, and this will become a focus of the month, but you should start seeing the situation more clearly.

November Monthly horoscope 2009 for Pisces (19 February - 20 March)
November is a good month to pour your energy into sorting out money matters and embarking on schemes that will see your cash working harder for you. Thinking of all the adventures you could soon afford to go on will be more than enough of an incentive to get wise with your dough - money equals freedom for you this month. Be careful not to fall for the charms of sweet talkers who aren't exactly what they are making themselves out to be. Overall you can expect to be putting in a lot of effort this month and working hard in a lot of areas in your life but things will settle down toward the end of November.

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